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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_color=”%23808793″ width=”620″]My name is Marco Papaleo and I’m the head coach at Northwest Fit Camp and one of Manchester’s leading health and fitness coaches.  If you are reading this right now then you are probably not happy with your own weight and you are ready to change the way you look and feel.  If you are anything like our current members then you probably struggle for motivation and getting results on your own. Northwest Fit Camp is a friendly weight loss and fitness Boot Camp in Manchester City Centre designed specifically to help you lose weight, get fit and healthy and get your confidence back in a fun, friendly yet  non judgmental environment. Our members are generally people who want to lose weight and get healthier. They may have tried many things in the past like Slimming Clubs, commercial gyms, personal trainers or even weight loss shakes and meal replacements. What me and my coaches do at Northwest Fit Camp is show you the quickest and easiest way to lose weight, tone up and get not only your body back but also your confidence without resorting to calorie or points counting or spending countless hours in intimidating gyms doing boring exercises. I get that you may have tried lots of different diets and weight loss solutions in the past or maybe even other boot camps and gyms, but we are different because we get great weight loss results for our members by making you personally accountable. Staying Motivated Most diets and exercise programs work in the short term but we know how difficult it can be to stay motivated long enough get in shape and then keep those results permanently. Unlike many other personal trainers and boot camps in Manchester, we focus on more than just the exercise and nutrition. We know that there is more to losing weight than counting calories and spending hours working out. A lot more in fact…….. We also know that you have a life and you don’t want to spend all your time exercising. Our new updated M.E.A.N. Fitness and Fat Loss System is designed to help you to finally get back in shape by focusing on the things that gyms and most personal trainers don’t. This is why we consistently get amazing fitness and weight loss results for all of our members regardless of what they have tried in the past and have fun doing it at the same time.[/text_block]

What are the main benefits of joining our Fit Camp?

  • An affordable alternative to hiring a personal trainer to help you lose stubborn weight and get healthier.
  • Discover exactly what foods you need to eat to lose weight. Our simple nutrition plans with mouthwatering recipes will help increase your day time energy levels (no more mid afternoon crashing) and help you sleep better every night.
  • Learn how to feel more comfortable in your favourite clothes again and throw away those baggy jumpers for good.
  • Discover our secrets to beating food cravings especially if you are an emotional eater and struggle sticking to diets.
  • Regain your confidence and self esteem to the old you and be happier and less stressed.
  • We teach you how to workout smarter (not harder) in a friendly and supportive environment with people just like you who want the same results as you. (no more sweaty or intimidating gyms full of bodybuilders)
  • Learn our secret strategies to losing weight without having to give up alcohol and your social life.

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What Our Members Are Saying About Us

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Results may vary from person to person, and are not 100% guaranteed. We do however offer a full refund if you do not drop a dress size in your first 28 days”[/text_block]

What is our M.E.A.N. Fat Loss and Fitness System?

Most people who try to lose weight on their own eventually give up because the don’t set goals and don’t stay motivated for long enough or have the support of a  like minded group.

We show you how to set realistic personal weight loss goals and show you exactly how you can stay motivated long enough to ensure that you get the results you want, without falling back into your old bad habits.

This is really useful if you are an emotional or habitual eater or if you use food as a stress release and find it hard to resist a chocolate bar or a glass of wine to unwind after work.

We also use unique coaching and motivation techniques and even provide a 1-1 coaching or skype call and email support as part of our commitment to getting you amazing results.

Our “Faster Fat Loss Exercise System” has been proven to achieve outstanding results time and time again by converting cutting edge scientific research on fat loss into real world results for our members.

Each session is only 45 minutes long and you only need to commit to 3 sessions a week for maximum weight loss results.

Best of all, there are no long boring cardio sessions or sit-ups involved. We use the latest bodyweight and resistance exercise techniques to promote maximum fat burning  during AND after sessions for up to 36 hours. This is because of a little known principle known as the “Afterburn Effect”

Have ever been on diets or exercise plans before and have given up after a few days or weeks due to boredom or lack of results or not having anyone to be accountable to?

Well here at Northwest Fit Camp, we won’t let you do that. We want you achieve amazing results and we can assign you your own personal accountability partner to help and support, encourage and motivate you along the way.

Our exclusive NO DIET nutrition system consists of an  easy to use 28 day meal planner and easy to cook nutritious and tasty recipes that ensure that your body stays in the fat burning zone for as long as possible.

No more wondering what to eat, because we make it as easy as possible for you.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”460″]Who is Northwest Fit Camp for?

Manchester Ladies struggling with confidence and self esteem who really wants to lose weight and be healthier and want positive changes in their life and also meet new like minded people and have fun at the same time.

We are also an affordable alternative to personal training and we regularly get life changing
results for our members.


How much will this cost?

Our prices vary depending on the membership level but they start at as little as £69 per month.

What if I have tried and failed in the past?

We consistently get amazing life changing, confidence and self esteem boosting weight loss results for all of our members regardless of what they have tried in the past.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”460″]“What if I haven’t exercised in a long time?”

Don’t worry about that, we can ease you in gently. Getting yourself started is the main thing.

“I’m really unfit will I be able to do fit camp and keep up with the other members?”

Here’s the deal for you….. the exercise sessions are planned so that you can do them no matter how fit you are, even if you’re a complete beginner or haven’t exercised in a while.

Our expert coaches can also make the exercises easier for you depending on your level of fitness and the way we structure the sessions means you will never get left behind on any exercises.

Who is Northwest Fit Camp not for?

Northwest Fit Camp is probably not for you if you just want an exercise class. We are a small group personal training program including nutrition and mindset coaching for getting you into the shape of your life that includes exercise, nutrition, motivation and group support in a friendly atmosphere. You can get exercise classes at your local gym.

Northwest Fit Camp is definitely not for you if you want to stay stuck where you are and don’t want to change you attitudes to food and your outlook on life. There are plenty of slimming clubs for that.[/text_block]

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I am so confident that Northwest Fit Camp is unrivaled as a weight loss solution in Manchester that we can offer you a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. If you join Northwest Fit Camp TODAY and you don’t lose AT LEAST a Dress or Jeans size we will refund you in full, no questions asked.[/text_block]